Frequently Asked Questions

How is StreamGizmo different than a search engine?

Search engines go through all the websites and make the best guess as to how to index them and describe them, displaying the results closest to the search terms on top.

StreamGismo basically uses its search function against various news, search portals and social media sites and returns them in date order, with the newest entries on top.

Why do I see an image behind a Tweet?

When searching Tweets, StreamGizmo checks for any links in the Tweet, and if found, checks to see if there is a primary image. If found, it puts the image behind the Tweet. If no link is found in the Tweet, it displays the Tweet.

How can I reorder how a stream is displayed?

Build your stream by selecting the stream sources individually, then change the display order with 1 being highest, 2 next highest, etc. If you have two or more sources that you always want grouped together, give them the same priority number.

How do I only get one type of stream?

Enter your keyword(s) and select the stream you want from the dropdown.

Are there any tips on entering keywords?

We have found that keywords when entered together tend to find more relevant content than when entered with a space (i.e., Jennifer Garner should be entered JenniferGarner).

Why is there is a delay at the bottom of a screen before more content is displayed?

StreamGismo basically loads up a screen of content at a time. When you scroll to the bottom of the first screen, it then loads up the next, etc. You can tell when it is done loading all content since there will be a StreamGizmo footer at the bottom of the screen.

Is there a limit to the number of panels that are displayed?

You are limited to approximately 115 panels total, and 15 to each type of search. This limitation is principally the maximum returns through a provider’s API.

We hope to expand this at a later date.

What is the difference between a search and a username?

The search looks for the keyword(s) you enter and will return results it finds irrespective of the rest of the content. A username search will return only the content associated with a specific username.

What feeds do you currently support?

We currently support News, RSS (including Facebook RSS feeds), Atom feeds, YouTube, Vimeo, Flckr and Twitter.

How do I add an RSS or Atom Feed?

Simply place the entire address, including the http://, into the add box, select RSS or Atom Feed from the drop down menu, and press the Add button.

How do I save my streams?

We are currently limiting the ability to save your own streams during the initial beta period. This capability will be coming in the near future.

How do I create a stream like in your samples?

We can professionally build a stream for you, and will add the header from the linked site. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in this service (which is available now).

How can I add StreamGizmo to my website?

Currently, this is only available if we build a professional stream for you. Depends on how you want to add it. You could add it as a menu item, or a link on a page, or using the StreamGizmo social media icon placed with your other similar icons.

How do I contact you to get more information?

Easiest way would be to email us at or fill in our Learn More form.