Exploring Your Interests

Using StreamGizmo to explore your interests is ultra easy. Simply go to the Build screen and type in any keyword(s), click add and then click Build. Remember, if you are using multiple words for a single search, enter them as a single word (i.e., “wing suit” would be entered as “wingsuit”).

If you only want to see certain types of content, for example videos, type in your keyword(s) then select “Vimeo” from the drop down menu, press Add, then select YouTube from the drop down, press Add, then press Build.

You can combine multiple searches into a single stream by entering new keywords, then add them to any existing streams. You can also change the order of display by assigning a lower priority to one stream than another.

Play with StreamGizmo and explore your interests as much as you would like. It's simple to use and is a great tool for finding stories, videos, photos and more that you wouldn't find through other search tools.

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    Wing Suit Stream

    With the advent of helmet mounted cameras, and the development of the wing suit, you can experience the thrill without any of the risk. This is one of my favorite streams.

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    NASCAR is very popular but also time consuming to keep up with. This stream is dedicated to all the fans who live busy lives but want to stay in the loop through a variety of sources.

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    I grew up a surfer on the west coast, and although I haven't surfed in many years, I still love everything from the competition to riding big waves. There is even a video in the stream showing shark surfing. See if you can find it.

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    Augmented Reality

    Being a geek, I am especially interested in what's happening with augmented reality. If you don't know what it is, press the link above to learn more and be amazed. I think it is the next big thing.

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    College Football

    This stream is dedicated to college sports fans everywhere because it's that time of year when your alma mater trots out their football team and hope they have a better than average season. I personally root for UCLA football, but that's my problem not yours.

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    Movie Trailers

    What movie are you going to go see next time you go out? Do you have time to check out which ones interest you, and which don't? This constantly changing stream gives you the latest movies, and their trailers, all in one place. Although you may still go see a dog, it won't be because the trailer is bad.

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