Redefine the way you promote your brand or yourself, how you listen to your customers or competitors, or explore the things that interest you. Introducing StreamGizmo.

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The slideshow above shows screen captures of working streams. If one catches your interest as they cycle by, click on it to see the actual stream, or you can visit our Sample Streams section for more samples.

The Latest

StreamGizmo Beta Website Goes Live

After several months of work, at least three different websites that were scrapped for various reasons, and although there are still bugs, the public version of StreamGizmo is now live.

It will allow visitors to see sample streams, provides answers to questions in the FAQ section, and will allow them to register and do their own keyword search.

Upcoming releases will allow visitors to save streams, will include more stream feeds, and any bugs will be corrected.

Able to Search Specific Streams

We added the capability to search specific feeds as well as prioritize them in the stream wall.

First Streams are Built

Initial stream programming is created and tested. We like what we see but feel the system needs more refinement before we can make it live.

The Daily Stream

Every day we update a stream with a subject of our choosing. It might be on a celebrity, sports, politics, a new product, or an important issue. It's an easy way to see StreamGizmo in action. Press here.

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